NSA certification for General Dynamics ProtecD@R Network helps protect secret data

TAUNTON, Mass., 10 April 2013. The ProtecD@R Network (KG-202) data-at-rest encryptor by General Dynamics C4 Systems in Taunton, Mass., has received Top Secret certification by the National Security Agency (NSA) at Fort Mead, Md.

This information security certification allows military and government personnel to transport classified information stored on disk drives, tape, and other media and ship it using commercial carriers without the expensive procedures typically required for handling and transporting classified information, General Dynamics officials say.

The General Dynamics ProtecD@R family of data-at-rest encryption products protects classified information saved in computer servers and data centers, computer hard drives, or other storage devices that could be at risk of being lost, stolen or compromised.

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The ProtecD@R Network encryptor operates in offices, data centers, and on the battlefield. One ProtecD@R Network encryptor can separate the storage of as many as 16 different data sources at the same security level on one storage system.

This capability can eliminate the equipment costs, power requirements, and space necessary for individual network encryptors dedicated to operating at one security level, General Dynamics officials say.

“The ProtecD@R Network encryptor enables military and government personnel to take a disk drive filled with classified information, drop it in a commercial shipping envelope and send it off to another location, all in the same day,” says Chris Marzilli, president of General Dynamics C4 Systems.

“Before this capability, it could take weeks or months and thousands of dollars to secure the permissions and arrange for the logistics needed to transport this mission-critical data from one point to another,” Marzilli says.

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