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Rugged Power Over Ethernet-Plus that delivers as much power as 60 Watts introduced by Moxa

BREA, Calif., 21 April 2013. Moxa Americas in Brea, Calif., is introducing the INJ-24A Power Over Ethernet-Plus (PoE+) injector for PoE+ outdoor applications that must run appliances such as IP cameras, wireless access points or RF modems that need as much as 60 Watts.

Networks deployed in outdoor environments would seem like a natural fit for PoE+ technology since outdoor network devices are more difficult to wire and require more costly cables, Moxa officials say.

Yet PoE+ technology only can deliver 30 Watts, and often comes up short outdoors where power-hungry IP cameras, wireless access points or RF modems require added wattage for such things as heating units or integrated wipers.

In addition, most commercial PoE connections are not enough to withstand static discharge, extreme hot or cold temperatures, power surges and other environmental punishments.

The Moxa INJ-24A can transmit 60 Watts of power to any PD or Power over Ethernet device to enable devices on 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet networks to operate with twice the power of conventional PoE+, Moxa officials say.

Moxa's INJ-24A can adapt to different power standards. By adjusting a DIP switch, the operator can select different power standard modes and which wire pairs on which to deliver power.

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Moxa purpose-built the INJ-24A to thrive in conditions where conventional injectors fail, ensuring a consistent stream of data and power in the face of power fluctuations, static electricity, and other sources of electromagnetic interference.

Media connections are reinforced with protection against power surges as strong as 3 kilovolts, while the housing enables the INJ-24A to operate in temperatures from -40 to 75 degrees Celsius.

The built-in 24/48-volt DC booster enables the injector to operate on either 24 or 48 volts DC. smart PoE LED indicators on the INJ-24A convey the status.

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