Power inductors to reduce noise in high-current power supplies introduced by Murata

MANSFIELD, Mass., 23 April 2013. Murata Power Solutions Inc. in Mansfield, Mass., is introducing the 3000A and 3000B series of low-profile power inductors for noise reduction circuits of high-frequency and high-current switching power supplies, DC-DC converters, voltage regulator modules, and similar power electronics.

The 3000A series is available with 80, 100, 150, or 200 nH inductance values. Maximum rated peak current is 57 amps for the 80 nH device.

Typical DC resistance (Rdc) is 0.20 milliohms (mOhm) across the series. The 3000B series has inductance values of 85, 100, 120, 150, or 200 nH and a maximum rated current of 78 amps for the 85 nH inductor. Rdc typically is 0.29 mOhm.

Using a low-loss core material, combined with low series resistance (Rdc), gives the inductors a high overall efficiency, company officials say.

The low inductance values suit high frequency applications while their dimensions of 7.1 by 7.0 by 4.96 millimeters for the 3000A series, are for designs where available board space is at a premium.

Both series are available in surface-mount packages suiting high volume manufacturing. For more information contact Murata Power online at

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