Tiny MWIR sensor for unmanned vehicle payloads introduced by Cincinnati Electronics

MASON, Ohio, 5 May 2013. L-3 Cincinnati Electronics in Mason, Ohio, is introducing the NightWarrior µCam 640 mid-wave infrared (MWIR) imaging system for small electro-optical payloads, thermal weapon sights, handheld systems, remote weapon stations, and tactical unmanned vehicle sensor systems.

Using high operating temperature (HOT) 15-micron pixel pitch, 640-by-512-pixel focal plane array, the NightWarrior µCam 640 measures 17.5 cubic inches in volume, weighs one pound, and consuming less than 6 Watts of power.

The NightWarrior µCam 640 incorporates onboard image enhancement processing, as well as autofocus, automatic gain control,and non-uniformity correction (NUC).

Cincinnati Electronics also is introducing the B-200 cryogenic micro cooler in the NightWarrior µCam 640 offering. The B-200 is a 0.2-Watt linear closed-cycle Stirling cooler. Smaller than a D-cell battery, the B-200 generates negligible noise, and its low power draw is well-suited for battery-powered mobile applications.

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