Analog-to-digital converter for rugged, high temperature applications introduced by DATEL

Posted by John Keller

MANSFIELD, Mass., 9 May 2013. DATEL in Mansfield, Mass., is introducing ADS-1201 series of analog-to-digital (A/D) converters that operate in extreme temperatures from -55 to 200 degrees Celsius for applications in rugged, high-temperature operating environments.

The 12-bit, 1 MHz A/D converter family is housed in a small 28-pin DDIP or SMT hermetically sealed ceramic package. Each unit is tested for performance in -55 to 200 C temperature range to assure compliance with all published specifications, company officials say.

In addition, the ADS-1201 has no latency delays, which enables it to be used in multiplexed analog input applications. Other key benefits include unipolar and bipolar input range, guaranteed 1,000-hour continuous operating life at 200°C, and precision internal reference to provide guaranteed tight static specifications.

The ADS-1201 series is fabricated on thick film ceramic, with low temperature drift thin film resistors on 96 percent alumina substrate and 250 C rated passive components.

All of the ultrasonic and thermo-sonically wire-bonded high-temperature integrated circuits are qualified and characterized to -55 to 200 C operating temperatures.

The ADS-1201 series was developed and is manufactured using processes that originate with DATEL's MIL-PRF-38534 standards and controls in a certified Class H facility in Massachusetts.

The rugged ADS-1201 series is available in two options, the 28-pin DIP package (ADS-1201MHT) and the 28-pin SMT package (ADS-1201GHT). Additional models are in development.

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