HF radio switch module for connecting 32 transceivers and antennas released by DRS

GAITHERSBURG, Md., 3 May 2013. DRS Signal Solutions Inc. in Gaithersburg, Md., is releasing the SI-9332 switch matrix module that connects antennas to RF receivers, or other kinds of electronic signal inputs and outputs in a wide range of high-frequency (HF) communications applications in complex operating environments.

The HF radio switch matrix is packaged in an compact, lightweight, low power chassis that uses one-tenth of the rack space of comparable units, weighs less than 18 pounds, and consumes less than 130 Watts of power, DRS officials say.

The non-blocking 32-by-32 switch matrix connects as many as 32 high frequency inputs to 32 outputs. HF frequencies are between 500 kHz and 30 MHz.

When the switch matrix is integrated with the DRS SI-8728A eight-channel HF tuner, the total package is 90 percent smaller and consumes just one-fourth of the power of existing systems, says DRS Signal Solutions President Jim Shea.

The SI-9332 also provides input overload protection for pulse and as much as 10 Watts continuous input power protection. The 32 radio frequency (RF) input and 32 RF output connections are via eight D-subminiature coaxial connectors.

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