800-Watt programmable power supply for RF amplifier uses introduced by TDK Lambda

Posted by John Keller

SAN DIEGO, 15 May 2013. TDK Lambda Americas Corp. in San Diego is introducing the Z+ 800W, an 800-Watt programmable power supply for test and measurement, semiconductor burn-in, component test, LED/laser test, RF amplifiers, electromagnetic, and electrochemical applications.

TDK-Lambda's Z+800 power electronics device has a selection of output voltage ranges that cover from 0 to 100 volts DC with output currents to 72 amps. As many as six units can be installed in the optional 19-inch rack housing and blanking plates are available for unused slots, and the unit measures 3.27 inches high by 2.76 inches wide.

The Z+ 800W has front-panel controls with individual rotary encoders for output current and voltage, and access to power supply settings such as OVP level, start-up modes, remote control, and monitoring parameters.

The unit has separate four-digit volt and current displays, function and status LEDs, pushbuttons for output preview, output on/off, and fine/coarse. Options for front panel output-jacks and multi-unit housings are available for benchtop applications.

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All Z+ models include built-in arbitrary waveform generation and storage for as many as four pre-programmed functions for test and simulation tasks in the automotive, solar panel and LED/laser industries.

All models within the Z+ series can operate in a constant-current or constant-voltage mode from 85 to 265 volts AC input. They have active power factor correction, variable speed fans. Safety features include user-selectable safe-start and auto-re-start.

With Safe-Start, the power supply returns to the last used settings after a power interruption, but with the output disabled. With Auto-Re-Start, the supply resumes normal operation without intervention after a power interruption, thereby meeting typical requirements for unattended use.

Common to all Z+ models are the built-in USB, RS232 and RS485 interfaces. Using the standard serial RS485 interface between units enables daisy chain control of to 31 power supplies on the same bus.

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