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DHS to brief industry on aviation security research initiatives in June 26 online webinar

Posted by John Keller

WASHINGTON, 3 June 2013. Researchers from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in Washington will brief industry by webinar this month on the department's research and development strategy for airport security.

Officials of the DHS Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency (HSARPA) will host a webinar from 2 to 4 p.m. eastern time on 26 June 2013 on the aviation security portion of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) research strategy. TSA is responsible for providing security for U.S. passenger and freight transportation.

The webinar is to brief industry on TSA plans to invest and acquire technologies in a preview of how HSARPA plans for proposals such as Broad Agency Announcements (BAAs) and Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) topics.

HSARPA investigates technologies for front-line systems for organizations like the Secret Service, TSA, Border Patrol, and first responders.

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Webinar topics will include characterization of emerging threats; improved screener performance; detection performance of advanced security screening systems; threat vulnerability and assessment technologies; non-contact personnel screening solutions; passenger screening time; system integration for personnel and baggage; rapid adjustment of security risk posture; behavior-based targeting, screening, and analysis protocols and tools; network and data security; data processing and decision making capabilities; deployment and operational flexibility; threat mitigation and response capabilities; insider threat detection; alarm resolution; explosives trace detection; stand-off trace and anomaly detection; canine explosives detection; and improved intelligence tools and technologies.

Expected presenters will be Paul Benda, director of HSARPA and John Sanders, chief technology officer of TSA.

There is no registration fee and all members of industry are eligible to participate during this webinar. Since reservation slots are limited, please limit your registration to 1-2 participants from each company/organization.

How to register for the webinar is to be determined, and those interested should RSVP no later than 19 June by email to Email questions or concerns to

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