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32 bit PMC for aerospace, defense, and transportation introduced by TEWS Technologies

Posted by John Keller

HALSTENBEK, Germany, 3 June 2013. TEWS Technologies in Halstenbek, Germany, is introducing the TPMC685 standard single-width 32 bit PCI mezzanine card (PMC) for applications in aerospace and defense, process control, simulation, test, and transportation.

The embedded computing PMC offers as much as 128 bits of TTL I/O arranged in 16 x 8 bit ports. Designed for high-speed data acquisition and generation, and comes standard with extended-temperature operation, rear I/O, and a 5-year manufacturer's warranty. Software drivers for most major real-time operating systems are available.

The direction of the I/O lines on the TPMC685 is software programmable by port. Each port is built up using a TTL bus transceiver. Each line is protected against ESD and overvoltage.

Software selectable pullup/pulldown resistors are available on all I/O lines. It is possible to read or write synchronously all 128 lines.

Each channel configured as an input can generate an interrupt, and signal edge handling is programmable to interrupt on either the rising and/or falling edge of the input signal.

Interrupts can be enabled and disabled for each bit. An interrupt status register is provided for simplified interrupt source detection of each bit. To eliminate spikes and glitches, thereby keeping interrupts to a minimum, each port has its own user configurable input filter.

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