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Thin-film 10-Watt directional coupler for wireless communications introduced by AVX

Posted by John Keller

FOUNTAIN INN, S.C., 24 June 2013. AVX Corp. in Fountain Inn, S.C., is introducing the 0603 small thin-film 10-Watt 3dB directional coupler for a wide variety of wireless communications applications. The 0603 3dB 90-degree couplers perform at frequencies spanning 800 to 6,000 MHz.

The RF and microwave devices support applications such as mobile communications, satellite TV, GPS devices, vehicle location systems, and wireless LANs. The couplers come on tape and reel.

Using land grid array (LGA) packaging technology, the AVX directional couplers have a low profile, low parasitics, solderability, and heat dissipation in addition to self-alignment during reflow. Surface mountable and RoHS compliant, the DB0603N couplers also have low loss, high isolation, and rugged construction.

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