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Rugged side entry tinel-lock ring connector for military applications introduced by TE

Posted by John Keller

HARRISBURG, Pa., 20 June 2013. TE Connectivity in Harrisburg, Pa., is introducing introduces the side entry tinel-lock ring connector for military and commercial aerospace, military ground systems, military, marine and commercial shipboard applications, as well as offshore marine uses.

The ring can be used for harness-over-braid termination and cable screen termination to the tinel-lock adapter and can be easily removed, company officials say. The low DC connection provides 360-degree shielding termination, and operates in temperatures from -65 and 200 degrees Celsius.

The ring is a heat recoverable metal braid terminator for joining a gross cable or harness shield to a customer-built connector backshell or other termination device without prepositioning the ring on the harness.

The rings can be installed in seconds using either a resistance heater or a simple heat gun. Thermochromic paint applied to the ring changes color to indicate when the ring has been heated to full recovery. Made with nickel-titanium, the ring's pull-off force for sizes 04-08 is 100 pounds, while size 10 and above is 150 pounds.

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