Oscilloscopes that users can synchronize to measure 40 channels at once introduced by Agilent

SANTA CLARA, Calif., 1 April 2014. Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) in Santa Clara, Calif., is introducing the Infiniium Z-series oscilloscopes, which can be synchronized for test & measurement of as many as 40 channels simultaneously with a maximum 63-GHz real-time oscilloscope bandwidth on as many as 10 oscilloscopes.

With noise and jitter measurement floors, the oscilloscopes enable engineers to test devices that incorporate new technologies. The Z-series includes 10 models ranging from 20 to 63 GHz, all of which are bandwidth-upgradable to 63 GHz. The Z-series also has fast processing and a next-generation user interface.

Capabilities include bandwidth to capture the third harmonic on 28-, 32-, and 40-gigabit-per-second digital signals; user interface to analyze emerging technologies, including spatial modulation; optional synchronization port to measure as many as 40 channels simultaneously; capacitive touch screen; and USB 3.0 offload speeds.

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The Z-series capitalize on key technologies used in the 90000 Q-series oscilloscopes. They include RealEdge technology to enable high-frequency capability while maintaining low noise and jitter.

These oscilloscopes enable engineers to join several Z-series oscilloscopes together; use more than 40 measurement-specific applications, including jitter, triggering. and measurement software, analysis tools, and full-compliance certification test suites; Infiniium offline analysis software, which lets engineers analyze data using oscilloscope software on a PC or laptop; N2807A PrecisionProbe Advanced software to correct for cables to the 63 GHz; and InfiniiMax III probing technology for bandwidths to 30 GHz.

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Users who bought the 90000 Q-series can upgrade their units to Z-series performance by ordering the N2105A and N2109A upgrade kits. For more information contact Agilent online at www.home.agilent.com.

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