BOARD PRODUCTS: PCI Express/104 single-board computer for rugged embedded computing introduced by ADL

ADL Embedded Solutions Inc. in San Diego is introducing the ADLN2000PC PCI Express/104 single-board computer for rugged, extended-temperature, and harsh-environment embedded computing applications. The ADLN2000PC features the Intel Atom N2600 processor with integrated HD graphics engine and memory controller functions.

The processor interfaces to the ICH9M-E-also on the ADLD25PC-which provides PCI Express/104 I/O bandwidth. The ADLN2000PC has an Intel-rated thermal design power (TDP) maximum of 3.5 watts with enhanced graphics including dual-channel video capability at 1080 pixels with MPEG2 (VLD/iDCT/MC) and HW decode/ acceleration for MPEG4 (AVC/H.264).

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