MEZZANINE BOARDS: Analog I/O XMC for military radar and image processing introduced by Curtiss-Wright

Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions in High Wycombe, England, is introducing the XF07-516 analog I/O Express Mezzanine Card (XMC) based on the Xilinx Kintex-7 field-programmable gate array (FPGA) for high-end defense and aerospace applications like radar and imaging processing.

The XF07-516 is a high-speed, quad-channel, 250-megasample-per-second analog input XMC (ANSI/VITA 42) with onboard user-programmable Xilinx Kintex XC7K325T FPGA for combining data acquisition and user algorithms. The module has four channels of high-speed analog I/O, and supports two banks of 128Mx16-bit DDR3 SDRAM, each connected to the FPGA. Each memory bank connects independently to the FPGA for read or write bandwidths greater than two gigabytes per second. The module is available in commercial, air-cooled rugged and conduction-cooled versions.

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