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DIGITAL SENSORS: 32-channel discrete-to-digital sensing circuit for avionics indicators introduced by Holt

Holt Integrated Circuits in Mission Viejo, Calif., is introducing the HI-8435 3.3-volt, 32-channel, discrete-to-digital sensing integrated circuit (IC) for aviation sensor applications, such as "hatch open" and "wheels up" indicators.

The IC with SPI interface and built-in lightning protection has its sense input thresholds and hysteresis programmable via the 20 MHz SPI bus and all 32 sense output states may be read with one SPI command. The 32 sensing channels are divided into four banks of eight inputs, with each bank configurable over the SPI bus to detect either Ground/Open or 28-volt/Open signals. The device complies with Airbus ABD0100H.

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