INTEGRATED CIRCUITS: D/A converter fast enough for advanced electronic warfare introduced by Tektronix

Tektronix Component Solutions in Beaverton, Ore., is introducing the TDAC-25 10-bit commercial digital-to-analog converter (D/A converter), which at 25 gigasamples per second is what company officials claim is the world's fastest D/A converter. The TDAC-25 is of particular interest in defense applications because of its low latency where it can deliver the fast response needed for electronic warfare (EW) systems.

The TDAC-25, a 25-gigasample-per-second application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) is for use in next-generation embedded systems in such areas as defense, commercial aerospace, medical, and coherent optical communications. The TDAC-25 D/A converter offers dynamic ranges to -80 dBc narrowband and -60 dBc wideband. In RF-based applications, it supports direct-generation of wideband signals to enable systems designers to eliminate D/A converter arrays and frequency conversion blocks.

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