Visible-light cameras, infrared (IR) sensors, lasers, lenses, and other optical technologies

LWIR chassis camera from Sierra-Olympic can be used in surveillance

November 25, 2014

The Vinden CZ 640 cameras deliver H.264/MJPEG IP-video for Ethernet connectivity and simultaneous CameraLink digital and analog NTSC/PAL video.

USSTRATCOM Systems And Mission Support III

Nine companies share $800 million contract to support nuclear weapons, cyber warfare, and C4ISR

November 21, 2014

OFFUTT AIR FORCE BASE, Neb., 21 Nov. 2014. U.S. military authorities in charge of space, cyber warfare, missile defense, global command and control, and nuclear weapons are spending as much as $800 million over the next five years for support services.

 Finding needle in a haystack: IARPA searches for ways to find and track foreign ships at sea

Finding needle in a haystack: IARPA searches for ways to find and track foreign ships at sea

November 20, 2014

WASHINGTON, 20 Nov. 2014. U.S. intelligence experts are trying come to grips with thorny issues like international arms smuggling, nuclear materials exchanges, and inter-continental illegal drug trafficking with one of today's most difficult surveillance challenges: finding and tracking foreign ships at sea.

SWATs, SWEATERs, and ANSWERs: Air Force gets serious about spectrum warfare

November 18, 2014

THE MIL & AERO BLOG, 18 Nov. 2014. Three new military technology research programs are showing us two things. First, the term "spectrum warfare" is evolving quickly well-understood mainstream usage, and second, spectrum warfare rapidly is taking its place as a top U.S. military priority.

Global demand for military electro-optical and infrared systems to reach $16.35 Billion by 2020

Global demand for military electro-optical and infrared systems to reach $16.35 Billion by 2020

November 17, 2014

DALLAS, 17 Nov. 2014. Global demand for military electro-optical and infrared sensors is expected to reach $16.35 billion by 2020, rising at a combined annual growth rate of 7.71 percent, predict analysts at market research MarketsandMarkets in Dallas.

High voltage adjustable module from Pico can be used in military or industrial apps

November 16, 2014

The SAR series of high-voltage adjustable modules is available with a 5 VDC or 12 VDC input to provide an isolated 100 to 1500 VDC output at 3 W.

Arête to build UAV multispectral sensor payload to protect attacking Marines from hidden mines

Arête to build UAV multispectral sensor payload to protect attacking Marines from hidden mines

November 14, 2014

PANAMA CITY, Fla., 14 Nov. 2014. Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) sensor payload experts at Arête Associates in Tucson, Ariz., are building UAV-based multispectral sensors to detect and pinpoint mines and obstacles in beach surf zones to help keep Marines safe during amphibious attacks.

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CPU-PPC460EX-VME Processor Board

The CPU-PPC460EX-VME PowerPC processor board is designed for rugged, conduction and convection cooled environments. It is capable of running Linux and VxWorks operating systems. Because of its high performance processor and the fact it contains a large number of diverse interfaces types, it is very well suited for

CPU-iMX27-VME Processor Board

The Beyond Electronics CPU-iMX27-VME is a single VMEbus module with four i.MX27 Freescale processor chips and all required peripherals to run embedded Linux systems. The processors are tied together with a six port Marvell Gigabit Ethernet switch, leaving two ports free to connect to external equipment. Each


The PMC-ATM OC-3 NIC is a high performance ATM network interface ideally suited for replacing aging technology products as well as providing a migration path to more contemporary interfaces such as Gigabit Ethernet. The board supports CBR and UBR service classes. VBR and ABR are available upon request.

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