L-3 developing handheld explosives detection combining metal sensor and ground-penetrating radar

L-3 moves on with handheld explosives detection

FORT BELVOIR, Va., 8 Oct. 2015. Engineers at L-3 Communications Security & Detection Systems (SDS) Inc. in Woburn, Mass., are applying their expertise in baggage screening and airport security to developing a handheld explosives detection system that combines a metal detector and ground-penetrating radar.

Officials of the U.S. Army Contracting Command at Fort Belvoir, Va., announced their intention this week to award a contract for L-3 SDS to move forward with the Next Generation Handheld Multi-Sensor Explosive program to help the military detect roadside bombs and other improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

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Harsh Environment Protection for Advanced Electronics and Components

This webinar will offer an opportunity to learn more about ultra-thin Parylene conformal coatings – how they are applied, applications they protect today, and the properties and benefits ...
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White Papers

The Importance of Signal Integrity: Achieving Robust Gen-3 >10 Gbaud Signaling in OpenVPX™ Systems

The original VPX specification was never intended to support PCI Express Gen 3, 40 Gigabit Ethernet or Infiniband. If your application requires these interfaces, you will need to understand the high-speed signaling issues involved.

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Three Phase Active Power Factor Correction in a Single Step

Multi-step regulation and isolation of electronic circuits is a complex and costly process for AC to DC conversion in high power applications, demanding close attention to power factor and current distortion, as well as size, weight, efficiency and cost. To solve these challenges for the power conversion engineer, Marotta Controls has developed its new patent-pending 1-STEP AC-DC Conversion™.

This White Paper will discuss how in ONE CONVERSION STEP you can achieve:  

  • 3-phase APFC
  • Power Regulation
  • Electrical Isolation

The Benefits of Integrated Video Management

Typical video management solutions for airborne public safety surveillance are built from a variety of products, such as switches, displays, recorders and mission computers, from different vendors.  

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New! High-Speed Switched Serial Fabrics Improve System Design

Recently updated, this handbook reviews the development of gigabit switched serial fabrics to enhance the VMEbus and PMC mezzanines; the role of FPGAs to implement this technology; and finally, how some of the latest VXS, XMC and VPX products can be used in high-speed data acquisition, recording and software radio systems.

FOD and Electronics Manufacturing: Four Key Elements of a Robust Program

The electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry has long been focused on "building quality in" through processes focused on minimizing the potential for defects. The Foreign Object Damage (FOD) detection program requirement referenced by AS9100 in Paragraphs 6.4 and 7.5.1 item 1 adds another layer of preventative measures to support aerospace products.  

MIL-STD-1553 Remote Terminal Software Migration

This white paper highlights the principal differences between Data Device Corporation’s (DDC) enhanced mini-ACE and Holt Integrated Circuits remote terminal products, allowing developers to quickly and easily migrate their software to the Holt family of products. This is done through the development of a specific example configuration implemented for both devices. A pseudo code example for the configuration of Holt devices is also provided.

Ready to Get Serious About Your Supply Chain?

Your complex device demands a robust supply chain. In today’s unsure environment, you need to know that your supply chain is available, flexible, and affordable when you need it. Establishing a strong and effective partnership with a contract manufacturer can ensure that you have the purchasing power and agility needed when the unexpected happens or design changes are needed. “A Robust Supply Chain,” our White Paper, outlines three things to look for in a contract manufacturer and three things you can do to ensure a smooth production process and an improved bottom line.

Metadata Handling in Rugged Embedded Video Compression Systems

In many situations, information is useless without information about the information. That’s where metadata comes in: it can give context and meaning to, for example, captured video. This white paper describes how a recent update to the highly flexible architecture of GE’s ICS-8580 video compression board uniquely provides it with a metadata engine, making it substantially more powerful in its ability to deliver actionable intelligence.

RR1P Rugged Removable Canister RAID Disk Array Moves 19 TB From Plane to Ground in 2 Minutes

Military Intelligence, Reconnaissance and Surveillance (ISR) applications generate a lot of non-stop and irreplaceable data from sensors, cameras and video feeds- and at high speed. Whether the data is radar, thermalimaging, video or photographs, all the data must be captured in real time without missing a beat. This demanding requirement, where the data storage unit can assure military personnel of constant high speed with virtually no variation is known today as, “Continuous Data Recording.”

How to Design a Small Form Factor Embedded Computer…The Right Way!

A new breed of SFF products are now coming to market that offer processing power, expandability, and even customization that customers were used to with their older systems, but at a fraction of the cost.

Other Acromag, Inc. white papers:

Product Reliability Builds on Robust Interconnect Solutions

Connectors play a critical role in electrical systems of just about any product we can imagine. For designers, advances in connector design, materials, and manufacturing ensure availability of an interconnect solution well matched to each individual application.

Other Mill-Max Mfg. Corp. white papers:

Utilizing Commercial Best Practices for Success in NewSpace

Keysight Technologies is excited to support the advancement of NewSpace, that disruptive force in the space industry that is driving completely new business models and is rapidly evolving with the proliferation of small satellites, new applications, services and infrastructure.

Other Keysight Technologies Inc. white papers:

Crossing Enemy Lines – The Growing Demand for Submersible Technology

In several recent procurement specifications for submersible equipment, U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) has increased the operating depth requirement from the 1 10 meter range, to 20 meters (66 feet) (1). While no specific reasons have been stated – at least not in unclassified sources – it may be reasonably assumed that this is in response to improved technology and wider deployment of underwater intrusion detection systems by our enemies.

The CM1000S28 - 1000 Watts AC to DC Switcher

A vital component of every military electronics system is a power supply. Rugged high-performance power supplies are required in mission critical systems. Our power supply can function effectively in ground mobile, aircraft uninhabited transport, and naval unsheltered environments. In the past few years, customer’s demands of smaller solutions, the need for increased power solutions, and increased reliability have paved the path for tremendous improvements in the military power supply industry; therefore Abbott Technologies has developed the CM1000S28 to meet those needs.

Epoxies for Space Applications

Adhesives in space applications are subject to high vacuum and extreme temperatures, making adhesive choice a critical design consideration. Learn how low outgassing epoxies satisfy these stringent conditions ensuring reliable space applications.


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