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Interpoint™ MFP Series™ Down-Leaded Point of Load

Dec 19, 2013 The new down-leaded version of its Interpoint™ MFP Series Point of Load (POL) converters are available in both flanged and non-flanged packages, is a single output 16 watt dc-dc converter providing output voltages from 0.8 to 3.5 V from a source voltage of 3 to 6V with up to 90%

Electronic Warfare VPX Products

Dec 19, 2013 The VPX product line includes three products: Modular Quad IF Up and Down Converter, Modular Direct Synthesizer and the Modular Seven Channel Indirect Synthesizer. These offerings provide critical functionality for processing of rapidly evolving Electronic Warfare signals. Low spurious and noise performance, as well as an exceptionally small physical implementation

Interpoint™ MTR Series™ 50 Volt

Dec 19, 2013 The MTR Series™ MTR 50, 28 volt dc-dc converter offers up to 30 watts of output power from single or dual output configurations. They operate over the full military temperature range of -55°C to +125°C with up to 84% efficiency. MTR 50 converters are packaged in hermetically sealed metal enclosures,

Positronic's The Dual Port Conenctor

Oct 4, 2013 The Dual Port series utilizes two D-subminiature connectors, vertically stacked and assembled into a single connector unit, which permits saving of panel and printed board space. Final assembly costs are reduced by condensing two assembly movements into one movement. Dual Port series connectors comply with the dimensional and performance requirements

Positronic's Cable Assemblies

Aug 29, 2013 A cable assembly can be created using a number of different casings—straps, cable ties, cable lacing, sleeves, electrical tape, conduit, a weave of extruded string, or a combination of the these materials—but the purpose is always to increase the efficiency of the products.

Also known as a wire

Positronic's Optik-D™ Series: Low Loss Optical Interconnects for Harsh Environments

Aug 29, 2013 The Optik-D™ Series is intended for use in the Combo-D family of connector products. The Size 8 contact positions are populated with precision adapters that accept the optical terminus. Fiber optic interconnects offer many advantages such as high bandwidth, EMI immunity, reduced wiring bulk and weight, improved data security, safety

M-Series Connectors

Mar 12, 2013 LEMO's ratchet screw system enables quick and secure coupling of the connectors. They are connectors for harsh environment with multiple alignment keys and multi-pole 2 to 114 contacts.

H-Series Connectors

Mar 12, 2013 Lemo's genderless connectors with patented push-pull hermaphroditic self-latching system, multipole 6 or 12 contacts and multi or mixed contacts with fibre optic 2, 4 or 6 contacts.

F-Series Connectors

Mar 12, 2013 Lemo's compact self-latching multipole connectors with multiple alignment keys for harsh environment. Has multipole 2 to 68 contacts and multi or mixed contacts with fibre optic two contacts.

Micro SSB Series Connectors- Single Row Horizontal SMT

Apr 9, 2012 Omnetic connectors are available in standard sizes ranging from 2 through 48 positions and custom configurations. They are rugged light weight connectors suitable for the most demanding applications.

Omnetic Nano Break Away Circular Connectors- Discrete Wire

Apr 9, 2012 These high density multi-position connectors are available in sizes from 2-28 positions and have contacts arranged on a .025” (.64 mm) pitch utilizing a military quality contact system.

Omnetic Nano Break Away Circular Connectors - Cable(TYPE WC)

Apr 9, 2012 These high density multi-position connectors are available in sizes from 2-28 positions and have contacts arranged on a .025” (.64 mm) pitch that utilizes a military quality contact system.

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