Enabling technologies for land applications like wearable computers, vetronics, and electronics for main battle tanks, fighting vehicles, and other armored combat vehicles

General Dynamics to build and repair WIN-T tactical networking components in $36.4 million deal

General Dynamics to build and repair WIN-T tactical networking components in $36.4 million deal

ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md., 21 April 2014. Military communications experts at General Dynamics Corp. will build and repair components of the U.S. Army's tactical communications network backbone that provides data, voice, and video communications on the battlefield under terms of a $36.4 million contract announced Monday.

Secure AdvancedTCA embedded computing modules for military uses introduced by Mercury

Secure AdvancedTCA embedded computing modules for military uses introduced by Mercury

CHELMSFORD, Mass., 21 April 2015. Mercury Systems Inc. in Chelmsford, Mass., is introducing the secure AdvancedTCA (ATCA) Ensemble server-class compute modules to help bring ATCA embedded computing technology to the tactical edge in military applications.

Rugged 6U VME and VPX single-board computers for military applications introduced by Aitech

Rugged 6U VME and VPX single-board computers for military applications introduced by Aitech

CHATSWORTH, Calif. 20 April 2015. Aitech Defense Systems Inc. in Chatsworth, Calif., is introducing the enhanced C111 and C112 Freescale T4-based single-slot 6U single-board computers for military, industrial, and high-end commercial applications.

Navy researchers developing swarms of cooperating air drones for overwhelming land and sea attacks

Navy researchers developing swarms of cooperating air drones for overwhelming land and sea attacks

ARLINGTON, Va., 16 April 2015. U.S. Navy researchers have demonstrated swarming unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) designed to overwhelm an adversary autonomously as the UAVs fly together like flocks of birds.

Technology and research to radiation-harden COTS electronics tot he radiation effects of nuclear weapons explosions

Navy to work with industry to find ways of hardening COTS electronics to nuclear explosions

CRANE, Ind., 14 April 2015. U.S. Navy researchers are working with working with industry and academia to find new ways to create radiation-hardened commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) electronics from the effects of radiation from the explosion of nuclear weapons.

Navy surveys industry for vehicle-mount Link-16 radios with simultaneous two-channel capability

Navy surveys industry for vehicle-mount Link-16 radios with simultaneous two-channel capability

LAKEHURST, N.J., 14 April 2015. U.S. Navy aircraft experts are surveying the military radio communications industry for companies able to provide off-the-shelf vehicle-mount radios with two-channel operation and Link 16 capabilities.

Sunlight-readable monitor for military, marine, oil and gas applications introduced by TRU-Vu

Sunlight-readable monitor for military, marine, oil and gas applications introduced by TRU-Vu

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill., 13 April 2015. TRU-Vu Monitors in Arlington Heights, Ill. is introducing the SRMW-24R-SS sunlight-readable monitor for military, marine, oil and gas, digital signage, amusement park, factory wash-down, and auto racing applications.

Related Products

PC/104 SBC and Peripherals

Kontron PC/104 Standalone Single Board Computers (SBCs) serve in every format, even with consistent product families that allow full accessory and chassis re-use.

General Micro "Horizon" C299

The C299 Horizon is a third generation, 6U cPCI SBC module based on GMS’ upgradable CPU technology. It is designed to provide the highest level of workstation performance possible in a fully ruggedized dual slot (8HP) cPCI. The Horizon is targeted for applications where ultra-high-speed processing power is required with

Rugged Mobile Communications Server

Advanced communications server designed to be deployed in environments where it needs to meet certain shock, vibe, and temp extremes. Available in several configurations.

RR2P Removable Canister RAID System

Transportable data storage for mobile field use aboard planes, ships and ground transport. 2U, dual canister RAID disk array, weighing 48 pounds, up to 40TB

API DC Link Power Film Capacitors

High reliability DC link capacitors for power inverter applications which require superior life expectancy under harsh operating conditions of wind and photovoltaic installations.

Interpoint™ MFP Series™ Down-Leaded Point of Load

The new down-leaded version of its Interpoint™ MFP Series Point of Load (POL) converters are available in both flanged and non-flanged packages, is a single output 16 watt dc-dc converter providing output voltages from 0.8 to 3.5 V from a source voltage of 3 to 6V with up to 90%

Electronic Warfare VPX Products

The VPX product line includes three products: Modular Quad IF Up and Down Converter, Modular Direct Synthesizer and the Modular Seven Channel Indirect Synthesizer. These offerings provide critical functionality for processing of rapidly evolving Electronic Warfare signals. Low spurious and noise performance, as well as an exceptionally small physical implementation

Interpoint™ MTR Series™ 50 Volt

The MTR Series™ MTR 50, 28 volt dc-dc converter offers up to 30 watts of output power from single or dual output configurations. They operate over the full military temperature range of -55°C to +125°C with up to 84% efficiency. MTR 50 converters are packaged in hermetically sealed metal enclosures,

Related Companies

GE Intelligent Platforms

Provides software, hardware and services with expertise in automation and embedded computing. We offer a unique foundation of agile and reliable technology providing customers a sustainable advantage in the industries they serve, including military and aerospace.

General Micro Systems Inc

Since 1979, General Micro Systems has been providing the most diverse line of single-board computers in the industry. GMS is the most established VME and cPCI supplier in the world, shipping SBCs on VME platforms since the VMEbus’ inception in 1981 (GMSV06, 68000 CPU). We pride ourselves on a unique

Elma Electronic Inc

Who we are...
About Elma Electronic Systems

The Systems division of Elma Electronic Inc. supplies the

Winchester Systems Inc

At its founding in 1981, Winchester Systems introduced its first 5 MB disk system for Intel development system users. Since then, the company has been providing high-performance, external storage systems tailored to the specific needs of commercial-computing customers using systems ranging from DEC VAX and

API Technologies Corp

Who We Are

API Technologies is a dominant technology provider of RF/microwave, microelectronics, and security technologies for critical and high-reliability applications. Markets span defense, aerospace, medical/industrial, and communications/consumer.


RF & Microwave Products

A leader in high-performance RF/microwave solutions, the company designs, develops and manufactures one

Extreme Engineering Solutions Inc (X-ES)

 Extreme Engineering Solutions, Inc. (X-ES) is a leader in the design, manufacture, and support of standard and custom embedded computing solutions. X-ES provides an extensive portfolio of commercial and ruggedized Single Board Computers (SBCs), I/O, SSD storage, networking, backplanes, enclosures, power modules, and integrated

Raycom Electronics

Raycom Electronics, Inc., a subsidiary of Electro Technik Industries (ETI), was incorporated in 1965.  The company is a leading edge manufacturer of custom transformers and inductors. and primarily serves OEMs and contract manufacturers in the avionics, defense, and space industries.
We specialize in the design and manufacture of custom magnetics for commercial,


Provides a lightweight, compact aluminum connector. M-series connector is focused on the design that requires a MIL-38999 type of connector but in a smaller lightweight package. The high performance M series provides a ratchet locking screw coupling system enabling a single grip, quick and secure, coupling for high vibration.


Harsh Environment Protection for Advanced Electronics and Components

This webinar will offer an opportunity to learn more about ultra-thin Parylene conformal coatings – how they are applied, applications they protect today, and the properties and benefits ...

New Design Tools That Help You Develop Radar That Sees the Un-seeable and Detects the Undetectable

Xilinx EW/ISR System Architect, Luke Miller, has new tricks and he’s going to tell you all about them in a new Xilinx Webinar—for free. His Webinar will cover new ways to implement Radar ...
Date: July 23, 2015
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Executive Briefings

The value of ruggedized computing

July 20, 2015 This executive briefing discusses the value of ruggedized computing for the data. Computer failures can jeopardize crucial data, so ruggedized computers can ensure the inte...
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On cutting edge of the world’s next battlefield: cyber warfare

September 11, 2013 Cyber warfare is one of the most important and dynamic technological disciplines in the aerospace and defense industry. It boils down to the ability to deny an adversary’s ...
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White Papers

RR1P Rugged Removable Canister RAID Disk Array Moves 19 TB From Plane to Ground in 2 Minutes

August 31, 2015 Military Intelligence, Reconnaissance and Surveillance (ISR) applications generate a lot of non-stop and irreplaceable data from sensors, cameras and video feeds- and at hi...

IP Core or ASIC? What’s Best for MIL-STD-1553 Applications?

August 28, 2015 This paper demonstrates there are significant advantages to using an application-specific protocol IC versus an FPGA IP core for MIL-STD-1553 applications.  A modern I...

Is Your Contract Manufacturer Adding Value in Project Launch?

August 27, 2015 Project launch is an area where the benefits of the outsourcing process either stand out or break down. Often, the difference between those two outcomes is the electronics ...
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Curtiss-Wright Corporation today announced that its Defense Solutions division has introduced a n...

Achieve Nanosecond-Level Synchronization with the X-ES XPort3200 Grandmaster Clock Module

Extreme Engineering Solutions, Inc. (X-ES) announces the XPort3200, an IEEE 1588v2/Precision Time...

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions

About Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions (CWDS) is a lon...

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