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Weekly Newsletter

The weekly Military & Aerospace Electronics newsletter highlights of the latest defense, aviation, and space electronics business events. This quick-read newsletter provides updates for engineers and engineering managers covering important contract wins, product announcements, design innovations, and contracting opportunities. Industry news delivered to your inbox weekly.

Cyber Security Newsletter

The Cyber Security email newsletter covers cyber warfare, cyber security, information warfare, and information security technologies, products, contracts, and procurement opportunities related to the creation and protection from surreptitious installation of malicious computer code. The e-newsletters primarily will cover computer hackers and hacking related to military and defense-related computer systems and networking, but also will cover commercial cyber technologies applicable or relevant to aerospace and defense cyber security and cyber warfare. The Cyber Security e-newsletter deploys on the last Thursday of each month.

Defense Executive Newsletter

Defense Executive, a monthly electronic newsletter for defense technology executive management, identifies business opportunities, winning technologies, market and government trends, and important procurement issues. It also includes periodic guest columns from influential defense technology managers and industry suppliers.

Electronic Warfare Newsletter

The Electronic Warfare newsletter is a quarterly update on technologies and applications in electronic warfare, cyber warfare, optical warfare, and spectrum warfare.

Embedded Computing Report Newsletter

Embedded Computing Report covers technologies in single-board computers, high-speed serial switch fabrics, real-time software, power-efficient microprocessors and field-programmable gate arrays, backplanes and enclosures, and embedded computing power management and control.  Articles focus on aerospace, defense, and industrial-rugged applications, new products, design-in case studies, industry standards, thermal management, market studies, and design challenges.

Unmanned Vehicles Newsletter

The Unmanned Vehicles newsletter, covering the latest in enabling technologies for unmanned vehicles operating on and under the ocean, in the air, and on land, comes to you on the third Tuesday of each month. Each issue brings you specialized unmanned vehicles content concerning industry business, contract awards, procurement opportunities, technology design-ins, and more.

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January 2015
Volume 26, Issue 1

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Military & Aerospace Electronics

Weekly newsletter covering technical content, breaking news and product information

Defense Executive

Monthly newsletter covering business news and strategic insights for executive managers

Electronic Warfare

Quarterly newsletter covering technologies and applications in electronic warfare, cyber warfare, optical warfare, and spectrum warfare.

Embedded Computing Report

Monthly newsletter covering news on embedded computing in aerospace, defense and industrial-rugged applications

Unmanned Vehicles

Monthly newsletter covering news updates for designers of unmanned vehicles