Components and systems for radio-frequency (RF) systems for radar, communications, and navigation

Demand for military armored vehicle upgrades and retrofits to hit $4.76 billion this year

Demand for military armored vehicle upgrades and retrofits to hit $4.76 billion this year

LONDON, 11 Sept. 2014. Global demand for military armored vehicle upgrades and retrofits will reach $4.76 billion this year, predict analysts at market researcher Visiongain Ltd. in London.

Army chooses Carnegie Robotics to develop mine-hunting sensor payloads for ground robots

Army chooses Carnegie Robotics to develop mine-hunting sensor payloads for ground robots

PICATINNY ARSENAL, N.J., 10 Sept. 2014. U.S. Army counter-mine experts are choosing Carnegie Robotics LLC in Pittsburgh to develop the unmanned ground vehicle (UGV)-mounted Autonomous Mine Detection System (AMDS) to detect, mark, and neutralize explosive hazards.

Contractor protests, navigating without GPS, and laser Maverick this week on Rapid Fire

NASHUA, N.H., 10 Sept. 2014. Contractor protests, sobering defense assessments, navigating without GPS, and laser Maverick highlight this week's Rapid Fire interview with John Keller and Ernesto Burden of Military & Aerospace Electronics.

GaN RF and microwave amplifier for X-band radar applications introduced by Comtech PST

GaN RF and microwave amplifier for X-band radar applications introduced by Comtech PST

MELVILLE, N.Y., 10 Sept. 2014. Comtech PST Corp. in Melville, N.Y., is introducing the model BMC858109-600 gallium nitride (GaN) RF and microwave amplifier for X-band radar applications.

Multi-billion-dollar Navy CANES shipboard networking program held up for protest: here we go again

THE MIL & AERO BLOG, 9 Sept. 2014. We live in an era of protest and contention; I understand that. You can't escape this facet of our culture even if you're just trying to relax in front of the game. NFL football routinely protests referee calls pending review on camera instant replay. Major League Baseball started something similar this season.

Contractor protests could hold up Navy CANES shipboard networking program until December

SAN DIEGO, 9 Sept. 2014. An important multi-billion-dollar U.S. Navy project to upgrade the command, control, communications, computers, intelligence (C4I), and networking equipment aboard the nation's surface warship fleet is being held up for as long as three months due to contractor protests.

Navy chooses Textron to provide test equipment to check-out IED jammers before missions

Navy chooses Textron to provide test equipment to check-out IED jammers before missions

INDIAN HEAD, Md., 9 Sept. 2014. U.S. Navy bomb-disposal experts needed test and measurement gear to validate the performance of equipment designed to jam RF and microwave signals intended to detonate improvised explosive devices (IEDs). They found their solution from the Textron Systems Corp. Electronic Systems segment in Hunt Valley, Md.

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API DC Link Power Film Capacitors

High reliability DC link capacitors for power inverter applications which require superior life expectancy under harsh operating conditions of wind and photovoltaic installations.

Electronic Warfare VPX Products

The VPX product line includes three products: Modular Quad IF Up and Down Converter, Modular Direct Synthesizer and the Modular Seven Channel Indirect Synthesizer. These offerings provide critical functionality for processing of rapidly evolving Electronic Warfare signals. Low spurious and noise performance, as well as an exceptionally small physical implementation

API Technolgies Mini-MIL Connectors

A small, lightweight circular connector that offers space and weight savings with performance equivalent to MIL-DTL-38999 for rugged applications that require high performance EMI filtering.

Hermetically-Sealed Custom Circular Connectors

API Technologies’ Spectrum Control line offers a new family of hermetically sealed circular connectors for aerospace applications with high differential pressure. These connectors meet MIL-DTL-38999 fine leak requirements and are ideal for aerospace engine control, hydraulic, and caustic environments where harsh conditions exist. Available EMI filtered or unfiltered, with a

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API Technologies Corp

Who We Are

API Technologies is a dominant technology provider of RF/microwave, microelectronics, and security technologies for critical and high-reliability applications. Markets span defense, aerospace, medical/industrial, and communications/consumer.


RF & Microwave Products

A leader in high-performance RF/microwave solutions, the company designs, develops and manufactures one

Raycom Electronics

Raycom Electronics, Inc., a subsidiary of Electro Technik Industries (ETI), was incorporated in 1965.  The company is a leading edge manufacturer of custom transformers and inductors. and primarily serves OEMs and contract manufacturers in the avionics, defense, and space industries.
We specialize in the design and manufacture of custom magnetics for commercial,

Crane Aerospace & Electronics

When failure is NOT an option...rely on Crane Aerospace & Electronics. We supply high-density, high-reliability components and electronics to the aerospace and defense markets that are designed for some of the toughest environments including ground based, airborne and space flight. Partner with Crane,


Meeting the Gen3 backplane challenge with OpenVPX and COTS

Tight Pentagon budgets mean military systems must stay in the field for longer than ever before. This doesn't mean obsolete technology, however. Today's military electronics are being upg...
September 9, 2014
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Digital signal processing for signals intelligence and electronic warfare

Military & Aerospace Electronics presents an expert Webcast on the design considerations for blending general-purposes processors (GPUs), general-purpose graphics processors (GPGPUs),...
August 14, 2014

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Rugged COTS Subsystems for Manned and Unmanned Aircraft

October 16, 2014 Tightening budgets for the U.S. Department of Defense not only compel military leaders to keep the nation’s fleets of manned and unmanned aircraft in working order for as l...
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The HPEC transformation of embedded computing

September 30, 2014 High-performance embedded computing, which the industry knows as HPEC, takes advantage of the latest technologies in general-purpose processing, massively parallel processi...

White Papers

Transforming the Military Embedded Computing Landscape

November 13, 2014 This white paper describes the key market drivers, technologies and building blocks that the military is increasingly embracing from the commercial world that provide a cle...

Four signal-identification techniques to characterize complex systems & environments

November 4, 2014 For decades, spectrum analyzers have been used to develop and characterize radar and electronic (EW) warfare systems. However, traditional swept measurements are rapidly be...

International Military Standards: An Input Power Reference Guide

October 31, 2014 The successful design of Military systems demands a full understanding of the complex performance requirements, testing, and environmental conditions to which the intended ...

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