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Hypertronics Hypertac hyperbolid contact technology

Fri, 26 Aug 2011|

The Hypertac hyperbolid contact technology that Hypertronics uses in rugged aerospace and defense connectors acts like a Chinese finger trap to maintain connection in shock and vibration. The more force applied to break the connection, the tighter the connection holds.



[MUSIC] Our scalable hyperboloid contact technology withstands the shock, vibration, temperature, pressure, and particular challenges that assault military and aerospace electronic systems. The inherent electromechanical characteristics of the hyperboloid design. Assures high reliability under extreme environments. As seen in this animation, our hypertac technology meets demanding power and signal connection requirements by distributing the contact area over a larger surface [UNKNOWN] We have recently increased our product portfolio by employing our hyperboloid technology in two products designed specifically for [UNKNOWN] [MUSIC] VPX backplane and [INAUDIBLE] connector, and SMC mezzanine connector. These two new products in microtronics are bringing a new level of reliability, performance and to the speed of standard. These two new products enhance the market [UNKNOWN] of the [UNKNOWN] standard in to military and aerospace electronic systems. Thank you for watching.