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Are quantum computers viable for military and aerospace applications?

Wed, 11 Jul 2012|



I have. It's -- -- report. I'm Schuyler for. Quantum computers have always sound like science fiction convention. A real quantum computers exist. -- -- have been elusive. As previously mentioned there quantum computers -- about for people's -- But they have extremely limited use of things that very few quantum algorithms that are out there. Without a quantum algorithm there's no real difference between the Q -- and normal bit. If you can make use of a quantum computers ability to be zero. One or any super musician of those two states -- -- a very expensive computer that doesn't work properly observed. Raytheon may be answering the question -- whether quantum computing -- real applications for military and -- Estes. Aside from the obvious appeal from a cyber security standpoint. Quantum computers are able to completely obliterate the ever popular. What you says the quantum computing have the military and aerospace industries. While quantum algorithms are far from easy to create and quantum computers themselves are such fragile machines. You can't actually see what's going on inside of them -- hospital failed work properly recorded content quantum physics. In the box itself needs to be very carefully protected at this point for everything to function. The benefits are all worth the difficulty however. If quantum computers become stable are -- -- be viable we could see a time where we aren't held back by technology. The technology is held back by -- or at least our inability to write programs that use the technology to its full potential. It's hard to imagine -- helicopters and -- quantum computer. Or on our way to discovering whether or not that's feasible. For the military and aerospace electronics report I'm --