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Alternative UAV power sources becoming a reality

Mon, 10 Sep 2012|



Okay. This is the military and -- what progress report. I'm Schuyler for. Right now -- are generally run using fuel or battery power. You it is not clear limits on how long they can -- but what if you if -- can be powered through alternate means. Several companies such as Lockheed Martin's laser motive. And silent falcon UAS technologies. Have been working on different ways to -- UAV is in flight. These methods of power includes laser power and solar power each with their own benefits and drawbacks. For solar power of the benefit as obvious. As long as there's -- -- -- -- he can operate. In the sunlight can even charge -- battery to extend the life of the -- and the -- or keep it flying sunlight has blocked. Silent how can you AF technologies have created a solar powered UAV that can climb mission's purpose fourteen hours and -- it. And six hours a night using the power of the -- Laser power has also shown enormous potential. With -- with the Lockheed Marten in laser motive joint project -- a stalker you lately. A very -- -- used by special operation forces. Can be power for over 48 hours by outfitting it with -- photovoltaic. Receiver and on -- power management hardware. The UAV was been powered by -- ground based laser transmitter. With -- -- power technology advancing. To -- -- future where you AV is no longer limited by the amount of fuel leaking carrying the charge their batteries. Well we still have yet to see you -- that can stay operational indefinitely. Looks as if we may have the ability do so the sooner rather than later. For the military and -- -- -- -- report. I'm -- for.