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Power Supplies

Power Supplies news and technical articles from Military & Aerospace Electronics magazine. Search Power Supplies latest and archived news and articles

  1. POWER ELECTRONICS: Behlman to provide COTS power supplies for U.S. Navy airborne missions

    Magazine Articles

    Fri, 11 Apr 2014

    shelf (COTS) power supplies . These power supplies have been used ..... The Behlman 00389 power supply is a rugged, reliable ..... similar Behlman COTS power supplies have proven themselves ..... our Model 00389 power supply has supported the

  2. Telonic Instruments Ltd


    Sun, 30 Nov 2014

    Telonic Instruments is a specialist UK supplier of AC and DC power supplies for avionics power testing. This includes 400 Hz, 360–800 Hz frequency converters that test to military-standard and civil

  1. DC-DC converters with as much as 10 Watts output power in 2-by-1-inch case introduced by ConTech

    Online Articles

    Wed, 16 Apr 2014

    www.contech-us.com . Related content ConTech debuts 40-watt DC-DC converter with 4:1 input AC-DC switching power supplies for a large assortment of applications introduced by ConTech The challenge of efficiency in embedded power electronics .

  2. Powering and cooling embedded electronics

    Magazine Articles

    Thu, 10 Apr 2014

    Behlman DMCA 4000 COTS power supplies support the operation of ..... The Behlman COTS DMCA4000 power supply is employed on U.S. Air ..... have selected Behlman VPXtra power supply cards for use in new, advanced ..... power, and optimally cooled power supplies like Behlman's VPXtra are

  3. Rugged DC-DC converters for electric vehicle applications introduced by Green Watt Power

    Online Articles

    Sun, 13 Apr 2014

    battery protection. The mean time between failures per MIL-HDBK-217F is 150,000 hours. Related: AC-DC switching power supplies for a large assortment of applications introduced by ConTech The operating ambient temperature rating for the EVD 300 series

  4. Tactical Power Supply (TPS)


    Tue, 8 Apr 2014

    The TPS Collection by API Technologies is a portable commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solution designed for powering command & control communications systems and other critical EW & weapons equipment.

  5. Low Voltage Power Supplies for Avionics


    Fri, 28 Mar 2014

    high-reliability low voltage power supplies for use in avionics and electronic systems. These switch-mode power supplies are available with single or ..... design and manufacture a family of power supplies designed to operate directly

  6. Rugged, rad-hard 10-bit A/D converter introduced by DATEL for aerospace and defense uses

    Online Articles

    Mon, 7 Apr 2014

    standard temperature ranges: 0 to 70 degrees Celsius, -40 to 100 C, and -55 to 125 C. The ADS-1011 can run from power supplies ranging from 2.7 volts to 5.5 volts. The power electronics device has a sample-hold, successive approximation A

  7. Industrial-temp. miniature surface-mount 2-Watt DC-DC converters introduced by Murata

    Online Articles

    Wed, 9 Apr 2014

    reducing the need for any additional regulation components. Related: Power inductors to reduce noise in high-current power supplies introduced by Murata The MTU2 has a 1 kilovolt DC input/output galvanic isolation that helps to reduce switching noise

  8. R-COTS OpenVPX air-flow-through chassis for SIGINT and radar uses offered by Curtiss-Wright

    Online Articles

    Tue, 8 Apr 2014

    air-flow-through slots with 13 slots of 1.5-inch pitch for air-flow-through OpenVPX cards and three slots for power supplies for to 2,370 Watts of power. Northrop Grumman's air-flow-through technology improves the air cooling of advanced