Advantages of Intel Architecture Products and Wind River Solutions in Military & Aerospace Applications
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Approximately one hour.
Stephen Olsen, VxWorks, Product Line Manager and A&D/Military Lead, Wind River Systems Frank Gates, Solutions Architect - Military and Government Applications, Intel Corporation Davide Ricci, Product Line Manager, Open Source Platform Marketing, Wind River

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Cost constraints are spurring government agencies and prime contractors to adopt Commercial Off The Shelf (COTs) products.  Wind River Systems, WRS, is now an integral part of Intel’s Internet of Things Solutions Group servicing the Military, Aerospace and Government segments. World-class software and hardware products together with a strong ecosystem create compelling standards-based solutions designed to meet the needs of demanding military and aerospace applications. This webinar explains the individual advantages of the Intel Architecture hardware, available for long-life supply, and the WRS software portfolio.

There are extraordinary advantages of combining such hardware and software.

Stephen Olsen VxWorks, Product Line Manager and A&D/Military Lead Wind River Systems   Stephen-Olsen-120x160
Frank Gates Solutions Architect - Military and Government Applications Intel Corporation  
Davide Ricci Product Line Manager, Open Source Platform Marketing Wind River   davide-ricci
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