Meeting the Gen3 backplane challenge with OpenVPX and COTS
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Luke Falconer, Manager, Product Engineering, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions Bob Sullivan, CTO, Engineered Packaging Products, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions

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Solving the systems-upgrade dilemma with COTS and OpenVPX

Tight Pentagon budgets mean military systems must stay in the field for longer than ever before. This doesn't mean obsolete technology, however. Today's military electronics are being upgraded constantly, and military leaders agree that commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology is the best way to do that. Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions provides COTS guidance to systems designers and integrators who are wrestling with these systems upgrade challenges with suggestions, case studies, and lessons learned on how to apply COTS OpenVPX technology to the military's most pressing needs.

Curtiss-Wright experts outline how Gen3 serial interconnects such as 40-Gigabit Ethernet, QDR/FDR10 Infiniband, and PCI Express Gen3 offer significant performance benefits for OpenVPX Systems. This webcast also will cover OpenVPX signal integrity challenges at Gen3 8-to-10.3 gigabaud signaling rates. It will also delve into signal integrity requirements for Gen3 OpenVPX systems, including 10.3 gigabaud signal integrity simulation and test results on real COTS hardware.

Luke Falconer Manager, Product Engineering Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions   Luke Falconer
Bob Sullivan CTO, Engineered Packaging Products Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions   Bob Sullivan
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