Type 1 Media Encryption in a Rugged COTS File Server


Type 1 Media Encryption in a Rugged COTS File Server

An important element of any computer system is the non-volatile memory which may store the Operating System, software application executable, configuration settings, and collected data: essentially the data-at-rest. In military applications, due to the sensitive nature of the data, the non-volatile data storage is encrypted to protect it against unauthorized access.

As part of the process of developing a Type-1 encryption product through to NSA certification, an embedment guide is generated if the product is developed for an embedded deployment. This means that the system integrator still needs to demonstrate that they adhered to the specific embedment guide by generating relevant artifacts. The resulting data artifacts form the basis of the Certification and Accreditation (C&A) process at the Program level. In other words, using a “certified” encryptor does not necessarily guarantee its suitability for a specific application. Learn more by downloading the Type I Media Encryption White Paper.

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