Application Note: Next Generation Graphics Display Modules Help Drive Embedded Training


Today, the U.S. Army increasingly desires the ability to integrate embedded training capabilities directly into deployed platforms to allow crew members to run training scenarios in-vehicle in their downtime. This approach enables vehicle crews to benefit from training in the actual platform while eliminating the significant costs, logistics and risks of deploying large dedicated mobile training units. As embedded training systems become more sophisticated, higher-end COTS equipment is enabling designers to implement complicated training scenarios. One example is Curtiss-Wright’s new VPX3-716 which delivers all the performance and features needed to achieve the U.S. Army’s preferred approach of integrating training capabilities directly into a ground vehicle’s existing mission processing subsystems. This low-power, compact 3U board with its unmatched I/O provides a SWaP-optimized solution for quickly integrating no-compromise graphics processing into an available system slot or via a compact, lightweight dedicated embedded training LRU. Learn more by downloading the white paper.

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