Fabric40™ OpenVPX™ Signal Integrity: Gen3 OpenVPX Backplanes Supporting 10.3 Gbaud Signaling Systems


Now that the industry is moving to Gen3 signaling, it is important to understand that this transition requires a significant increase in the level of SI tools, capability, expertise, and know-how to ensure successful design and implementation of your OpenVPX system. Driving this complexity is the fact that the MultiGig connector used in VPX systems was originally designed for 6.25 Gbaud signaling rates.

Signal Integrity performance is a cumulative performance issue. With the new >10 Gbaud Gen3 OpenVPX signaling rates, other parts of the signal path must be over-optimized to compensate for the VPX connectors that are in the signal path. Curtiss-Wright has done extensive research to develop highly optimized 10G compliant design techniques for attaining reliable and robust signal integrity performance with Gen3 OpenVPX systems. Our new Fabric40 family of products is designed to address these design challenges. Download the white paper to learn more.

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