A Novel RF and Digital Microelectronics Architecture Enabling Compact, Next-Generation Precision Guided Weapons

Nov 29th, 2018

The existing technology for electronics embedded into sub-50mm ammunition is limited in performance and modularity. In order to support next-generation applications, these electronics must be cutting-edge and incorporate a modular architecture that enables rapid upgrades. This modular design approach not only minimizes time-to-market, but also reduces costs by amortizing the development over multiple applications. In addition to a modular design, this new platform must include extremely dense integration and high reliability. To address these new challenges, this paper proposes a novel architecture that combines compact hardware, dense integration, modular design and high reliability. The SpectrumSeries Compact Multi-Band Platform incorporates multiple board layers using a solderless, high-reliability approach. With a diameter ranging from 25 to 50 mm, six layers can be combined with a total height of also about 25 mm—small enough to support 50mm and below ammunition.

This white paper sponsored by Mercury Systems.

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