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Datasheet: HDS6605 - 6U OpenVPX Intel® Xeon® Scalable multiprocessing board

Feb. 6, 2023
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Transform sensor data into valuable intel anytime you need it The 6U OpenVPX HDS6605 server provides smart, autonomous edge applications with highest performing, on-platform processing capability to solve the most complex data problems in SWaPcontrained, remote, harsh environments.

The HDS6605 features the same AI-enabling Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor that powers modern data centers and cloud-based services, and is integral to developing secure, software-agnostic, embedded AI-capable processing systems that operate at the tactical edge. Manufactured in a secure, DMEA-accredited, IPC-1791 certified U.S. facility, under a carefully managed supply chain, the HDS6605 is built to provide trusted, high-assurance performance for the most demanding mission-critical applications.