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Datasheet: The EnsembleSeries™ SFM6105 - 6U OpenVPX PCIe gen 3 switch with system management

Feb. 6, 2020
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The EnsembleSeries™ SFM6105 is switch rated for bandwidths of up to a theoretical 32 gigabits per PCIe interfaces across 24 interfaces, to deliver a bisection aggregate of 96 GB/s.

EnsembleSeries SFM6105 targets the open PCIe protocol, allowing customers to utilize PCIe as the primary high-bandwidth, low-latency data plane or sensor ingest platform and switch these data transfers efficiently and effectively. Designed to the VITA 65 OpenVPX™ standard, the SFM6105 is software configurable to support many various data movement architectures across a variety of applications and backplane topologies.