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Datasheet: The EnsembleSeries™ IOM-300 - XMC I/O mezzanine with sFPDP, Ethernet, Fibre Channel and PCIe gen 3 interfaces

Feb. 6, 2018
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The EnsembleSeries™ IOM-300 is a robust, versatile, fast and secure embedded streaming I/O mezzanine that is densely packaged within an open systems architecture (OSA) XMC package (VITA 42). IOM-300 mezzanines are ideally suited for mounting on other EnsembleSeries sensor chain building blocks including LDS6527 and LDS6525 carriers.

Each EnsembleSeries IOM-300 mezzanine is highly configurable, supporting various switch fabrics and data stream protocols. Protocols include PCIe (Gen 2 and 3), serial front-panel data port (sFPDP), Fibre Channel, and 10Gb/s with front-panel I/O in both the fiber (up to 12 onboard fiber transceivers) and copper physical media. 

The EnsembleSeries IOM-300’s primary processing resource is Altera’s fast and highly customizable Stratix V FPGA device. Mercury software defined protocol interfaces are implemented directly on this FPGA resource. Uniquely, the Stratix device is supported by a second FPGA that has its own PCIe interface to the carrier, enabling the IOM-300 to receive mission updates and upgrade its configuration in real-time.