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Datasheet: EnsembleSeries™ SFM6126 - 6U OpenVPX PCIe Gen3 and Ethernet switch with mezzanine sites and system management

Feb. 6, 2023
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EnsembleSeries™ SFM6126 switches are critical building blocks in forming a composable, embedded data center architecture for artificial intelligence (AI), sensor fusion and other “big data” processing problems. When integrated with other EnsembleSeries OpenVPX modules, including Intel Xeon Scalable-powered blades and powerful GPU co-processors, a truly composable and rugged embedded edge computing (HPEEC) environment can be realized.

EnsembleSeries SFM6126 are the first OpenVPX PCIe switches to feature on-board XMC I/O sites and mezzanine switching. Hosting I/O at the switch enables direct, low-latency PCIe data distribution to directly target CPU, GPU, FPGA and storage devices, thus bypassing store-and-forward approaches in CPU memory. This lowers latency, enables multicast support to multiple different targets, and delivers the real-time performance necessary to meet the most critical timing loops in sensor processing applications. SFM6126 switches utilize PCIe as the primary high-bandwidth data/ expansion plane or sensor ingest platform. Designed to VITA 65 OpenVPX standard, SFM6126 software is configurable to support data movement architectures across a variety of applications and backplane topologies.