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Datasheet: The EnsembleSeries® IOM-400 Mezzanine High-speed FPGA-based Programmable I/O Module - FPGA supported XMC I/O mezzanine bridging sensor data to PCIe-attached processors and accelerators

Feb. 6, 2019
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The EnsembleSeries® IOM-400 is a robust and versatile embedded streaming I/O module that conforms to the open standard XMC form-factor. IOM-400 mezzanines are ideally suited to bridge incoming sensor data streams to PCIe connected processors including Intel CPUs and GPGPU and FPGA accelerators.

Built on Xilinx’s Kintex Ultrascale+ FPGA baseline, each EnsembleSeries IOM-400 mezzanine is highly configurable, supporting various data stream protocols. A typical use case is to receive I/O in a custom format (e.g. Ethernet frames), perform frontend processing and then send data to a CPU or GPGPU accelerator via PCIe.

The IOM-400’s primary processing resource is Xilinx’s latest Ultrascale+ Kintex FPGA device. With supporting DDR4 DRAM and local flash storage, the IOM-400 is a key building block for any subsystem managing incoming digital I/O streams.