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Datasheet: EnsembleSeries SMA-301 - VITA 46.11 System Management & System Portal Module

Feb. 6, 2018
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EnsembleSeries SMA-301 system management assemblies are standalone 3U OpenVPX modules that access, monitor and control subsystem management capabilities within integrated OpenVPX processing subsystems. SMA-301 assemblies contain a VITA 46.11 chassis manager (ChMC) microprocessor module and an ARM-based system manager. Compatible capabilities are built-in to all Mercury OpenVPX subsystems and building blocks including x86 hosts, power supplies and fan modules and switches. 

Rugged EnsembleSeries SMA-301 system management assemblies consist of two components. The first is a 3U carrier running system management and monitoring applications within a Linux environment. The second, mounted to the carrier is a VITA 46.11 ChMC daughter card that provides access to out-of-band IPMC processing subsystem devices.

System network management protocol (SNMP) software polls mechanical, hardware and software/OS metrics and triggers actions via commands over an Ethernet network. For out-of-band, standard interfaces and third-party compatible system management, SMA-301 modules have full VITA 46.11 capability.