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Datasheet: SCM6010 and CAN6000 Plug-In Storage 6U OpenVPX SSD Carrier with PCIe Switching and Removable Canister

Feb. 6, 2021
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High-speed storage module with removable canister for rapid mission updates. EnsembleSeries™ SCM6010 are rugged, 6U OpenVPX™ storage modules that utilize a low-latency PCIe architecture accessed via the system backplane’s expansion plane. When integrated with other Mercury OpenVPX modules, the SCM6010 supplies the storage required for intense AI, EO/IR image/video and radar processing applications.

Designed for aerospace and defense applications, SCM6010 modules package the latest commercially developed M.2 NVME technology into rugged, easily removed canisters (CAN6000) that provide for rapid mission refresh or removal of sensitive IP. Out-of-the-box software and drivers make for easy adoption and manageability of SCM6010 modules, which carry a single CAN6000 storage canister. Canisters are removable with a hex drive screwdriver.