Neousys’ Rugged IP67/66 Edge AI Computers and Server: Empowering Military Applications in Unmanned Ground Vehicles, Real Time Airspace Awareness, and UAV

Dec. 6, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of military technology, unmanned technology has emerged as a transformative force. Neousys stands at the forefront with its cutting-edge IP67/ 66 edge AI computers and HPC server, tailored to meet the demanding requirements of advanced intelligent applications such as unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), real-time airspace awareness systems, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Extreme-RuggedIP67 GPU Computers

Neousys SEMIL is an IP67-rated inference server with pre-installed NVIDIA® RTX A2000 for extreme environments. A Platinum Honoree of Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards, it combines ruggedized stainless steel/ aluminum chassis with molded o-ringsdesigns and robust M12 connectorsto meet the demanding requirements of military operations.

With theruggedized constructionand powerful CPU/ GPUcomputation, SEMIL ensures unparalleled reliability, performance, and adaptability for critical intelligence and logistics tasks that canenhancesituational awareness, data processing, and mission-critical decision-making, making it ideal for unmanned ground vehicle (UGV).

IP66 Fanless Computers

Neousys AWP series is an affordable IP66 waterproof and dustproof fanless embedded computer that meets the demanding defense and military needs while remaining cost friendly. It features specialized molded o-rings and stainless steel/aluminum chassisto withstand environmental erosionsto address the challenges of deploying computers into outdoor or mobile military applications where the environmentalconditions are unpredictable and extremely harsh, such as in armored cars or military trucks.

Rugged HPC AI Server

Neousys RGS-8805GC is one of the industry’s first rugged edge HPC servers to address the challenges of deploying high-performance computing (HPC) systems at the edgeand was a winner of the 2022 Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards. Enclosed in a compact 2U 19” enclosure at only 350mm deep, RGS-8805GC is powered by the AMD EPYC™7003 series "MILAN" processor;supportsa high-end NVIDIA® RTX A6000 or A4500 GPU;capable of wide-range -25°C to 60°C operation; and accepts 8Vto 48V DC input voltage.Designed for advanced edge-AI applications in the field, RGS-8805GC is an HPC AI server that can thrive outside of laboratory conditions bringing unlimited potential and computation power to edge AI applications for mission critical real-time decisions, such as ADAS capability for unmanned vehicle, or complex calculations and analysisin mobile command center.

Rugged NVIDIA® Jetson Computers

Neousys’ Jetson-based NRU series computers are deployment-ready intelligent video analytics (IVA) and autonomous mobile systems. Integrated with Neousys industrial-grade DNA that feature up to 70°C fanless operation, wide-range DC input, anti-shock & vibration,andsupports various cameras with PoE/ USB3/ GMSL interfaces. Powered by NVIDIA® JetsonAGX Orin/ Orin NXsystem-on-module, itcan offer up to 275 TOPS inference performance while consuming little energy, making itperfect for vision-based applications that require real-time video inference such as in vehicles, on robots,or othermobile systems.

UAV Mission Computer

Neousys new mission computer FLYC-300is tailor-made to enable AI inference and vision capabilitieson drones.A Platinum Honoreeof2023 Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards,FLYC-300 isengineered with precision and innovation.Designed to serve as a robust and reliable computing platform for UAVsby addressing unique challenges of real-time data processing, mission-critical tasks, and communication requirements.Powered by NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™NX, FLYC-300 empowers military UAVs to execute sophisticated tasks such as surveillance, reconnaissance, and target acquisition with exceptional efficiency.

With expertise in industrial-grade designs, and incorporating advanced CPU and GPU technologies into rugged platforms, Neousys computers can empower military forces with reliability and AI inference performance needed to succeed in complex and dynamic environments, such as autonomous capability and real-time video analytics on unmanned systems.

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