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Datasheet: RTBX05 - 20” Deep, 4 Drive, Rear I/O, Rugged Trusted BuiltSECURE Servers

Feb. 6, 2023
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Protect intellectual property and confidential data at the edge Mercury’s RTBX05 rugged trusted BuiltSECURE™ servers are designed specifically to guard against local and remote attacks. Maintaining system-wide integrity, they protect sensitive data and technology from loss or compromise. 

Deployed on over four generations of Intel® microarchitectures, Mercury’s RTBX05 BuiltSECURE servers can be configured with a variety of nation-state level security features that mitigate reverse engineering and deliver cyber resiliency. A hardwarebased Root of Trust and cyber-resilient BIOS mitigate multiple security threats to your application by reducing attack surfaces and minimizing boot devices. Built-in interfaces allow the servers to participate in platform-wide security architectures. 

Mercury’s experienced system security engineers and customer support teams deliver affordable, end-to-end product security services including vulnerability assessments, technical training, classified capabilities and product-specific protection schemes.