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Datasheet: Diagnostic Support Tools - System-wide Fault Detection

Feb. 6, 2017
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Mercury’s Diagnostic Support Tools (DST) provides the capabilities required to build a robust subsystem Built-In-Test (BIT). Delivered as a comprehensive, customizable toolset of scripts and source code, DST provides fault detection across processor boards, components, networks, backplanes, operating systems and applications.

System health and functionality may be monitored via an extensive network of hardware and software throughout the processing subsystem, including at the component, module and chassis level. When combined, this data may be used to validate the state of the subsystem. DST is a software product that provides a BIT (Built-in-Test) platform that seamlessly orchestrates the access and interpretation of the diagnostic data in a way that is customizable to the applications precise requirements. These tools improve the reliability, predictability and security of an application while reducing development time by 1000s of hours.