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Jan 18th, 2017
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Chelmsford, MA

Secure processing is of critical importance to the Department of Defense. The more an adversary knows about a weapon system, the greater the opportunity for development of counter-measures, unintended technology transfer, and system alteration. Some firms have opted to develop technology that is “bolted-on” in order to try and solve the problem but this limits both the security and system performance. The best solution is to “build-in” security in the system architecture. Then primes and the DoD can enable and customize systems to meet mission needs. These features encompass hardware, firmware and software capabilities.

Mercury Systems has been working closely with DoD experts and evaluation teams since 2009 in this area. Our IRAD has resulted in:

• Pre-integration of layered security building blocks

• A secure computing architecture

• An extensible security platform that can be personalized by program

• The ability to leverage DoD and prime investments in security

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