The Military Digital Convergence - Converged Digital Processing Enables Next-Generation Military Platforms

Commercial digital convergence has created converged media, information systems, smartphones and autonomous vehicles. Digital convergence now has a proven roadmap behind it and is enabling new technology breakthroughs in processing domains everywhere.

Military digital transformation enables platforms to shrink and become more capable and adaptable for mission autonomy. This transformation needs digital convergence architecture to leverage billions of investment dollars made by the commercial sector and coincides with other prevailing trends to make the convergence inevitable.

This white paper describes what digital convergence is, why its benefits are required and why it will become increasingly needed for military applications if we are to maintain a superior defense posture. Early adoption is underway within unmanned land, sea and air platforms, including UAVs. The latter is where the military digital convergence is accelerating the fastest, as extreme-SWaP performance, among other requirements are the prerequisite to success.

This white paper sponsored by Mercury Systems.

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