Optimal Multicore Processing for Safety-Critical Applications

Safety-critical applications have strict determinism and high-assurance requirements. For many systems, this has resulted in limiting use of multicore processors to running only one core at a time. Finding a solution that allows all cores to execute concurrently while effectively mitigating shared resource contention can dramatically improve performance and SWaP over single-core solutions. This white paper describes several challenges to multicore processing and details different software multiprocessing architectures that provide optimal solutions for avionics applications. Topics include:

  • Identifying and mitigating interference in multicore-based critical systems
  • Optimal performance and core utilization of multicore-based critical systems
  • Multicore solutions in Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA)
  • Approaches for flexible spare compute capacity in multicore-based critical systems
  • Safe and secure OS virtualization for Open Mission Systems (OMS)
  • Obtaining Worst Case Execution Times (WCET) in multicore-based critical systems
  • Sustainment of multicore-based critical systems by organizations other than original system integrator
  • Separation kernels for securing safety-critical systems

This white paper sponsored by Green Hills Software.

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