SRI International introduces salience-based compression (SBC) module for Terrasight video exploitation systems

Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Feb. 23, 2012. SRI International introduced salience-based compression, which allows full motion video with metadata to be sent across bandwidth-constrained networks, going as low as 50 kbps.

The salient video information remains high quality while background areas are maintained at a lower bitrate for context. This includes moving objects, IR hotspots and operator-selected 3D regions.

For SBC, the user selects the region of interest and the desired bitrate. SBC compresses pixels around the selected area and displayed tracked objects in motion or IT hotspots in streaming video.

This functionality is available on COTS devices, such as Android and Apple phones and tablets.

Terrasight drapes the georegistered video on a handheld map, and allows the user to access a list of camera via the Terrasight server. The user can then tilt, pan and zoom selected cameras.




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