Data Link Solutions to provide MIDS low volume terminals for Taiwan

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa, 4 May 2012. The Taiwanese military ordered Data Link Solutions' multifunctional information distribution system low volume terminals (MIDS LVT) in a $9.4 million contract.

The MIDS LVT provides airborne, ground and maritime links for communication on the battlefield. It features secure, jam-resistant connectivity for digital data and voice communications and provides a distributed network with control service and NATO interoperability. The terminal features pseudo-random frequency hopping over 51 frequencies and can have an expanded data rate of 2 megabits per second. The MIDS LVT uses two antennas to trasmit and receive data. The terminal also features encryption and navigation capabilities.

The MIDS LVT is also compatible with the Joint Tactical Information Distribution System, an older version of the MIDS that is seen in some legacy systems. Used on many different vehicles, the MIDS LVT can be deployed for ground, airborne and maritime applications.

The contract was awarded under the Foreign Military Sales Program, with 50% of the work occurring at Data Link Solutions' Wayne, N.J. facility and 50% occurring at Data Link Solutions' Cedar Rapids, Iowa facility. Work is expected to be completed by the end of 2014.

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