Cross Match Technologies introduces web-based biometric software

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. 17 Aug. 2012. Cross Match Technologies, Inc., a global provider of biometric identity solutions located in Palm Beach Garens, Florida, announced the launch of a new Web-based biometric software application called WEBS.  The application addresses the concerns of security, privacy, and total cost of ownership associated with biometric implementations.

WEBS provides a completely Web-based approach to the collection and management of biometric enrollment data that is both secure and scalable. The application resides on a central server and is accessed over the network through a secure HTTPS browser connection, providing a way to centralize sensitive enrollment data. The architecture enables users to remotely enroll, administer, and maintain from a single touch-point.

Whether WEBS is deployed within a PC workstation or thin client terminal environment, or with a network appliance such as the Cross Match Guardian IP, personally identifiable information (PII) is never stored locally. This approach improves security and enhances enrollee privacy as PII only resides within the hosted WEBS application server and not at the remote enrollment sites.

"The two main benefits for this are privacy and security of data, no longer are you storing or collecting data on a local PC," said Cross Match product manager John Bagocius. "If you're doing the old method the application is installed locally, if that computer crashes they have to send somebody out there to fix it and reinstall the application." By storing all data on the WEBS application server and working through a browser, if a computer breaks in a remote location the application does not need to be reinstalled.

WEBS is also useful for mobile biometrics. Since the application is Internet-based, as long as you have access to the Internet you have access to WEBS.

WEBS is attractive for customers managing disperse enrollment sites or who are seeking to easily and cost effectively scale their biometric operations and simplify IT management and maintenance.  The WEBS architecture is designed to support the addition of future capabilities and enhancements.

The Cross Match Guardian IP is scheduled to launch September 18th at the Biometrics Consortium Conference in Tampa.

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