Viking equips Twin Otter Series 400 aircraft with L-3 GH-3900 Electronic Standby Instrument System

May 21, 2014

GENEVA, 21 May 2014. Viking Air Limited has selected the GH-3900 Electronic Standby Instrument System (ESIS) from L-3 Aviation Products (L-3 AP) for installation on new production Viking Twin Otter Series 400 aircraft.

“For decades, the de Havilland legacy Twin Otter aircraft have been utilized for the hardest jobs in the toughest places,” explains Ralph DeMarco, vice president of sales and marketing for L-3 Aviation Products. “Equipped with the GH-3900 ESIS, the Viking Series 400 Twin Otter will continue to live up to its predecessor’s reputation for versatility and dependability in extreme operating environments.”

The GH-3900 ESIS, designed to Level A software and hardware standards, can satisfy airworthiness requirements for almost any transport category fixed- or rotary-wing aircraft, officials say. With a customizable layout, L-3’s GH-Series standby instruments can be modified to fit a wide range of primary systems, giving pilots a familiar reference for flying the aircraft.

The GH-3900 is considered a more precise and information-rich standby than traditional analog instruments, rendering all the important cues on a sunlight-readable, three-inch display, according to a company spokesperson.

Viking is a Canadian-based, first-tier original equipment manufacturer (OEM) holding type certificates for the seven legacy de Havilland aircraft (DHC-1 through DHC-7) and the manufacturer of the Series 400 Twin Otter next-generation turbo-prop aircraft. Viking forms part of Westerkirk Capital Inc., a Canadian private investment firm with substantial holdings in the hospitality, aviation and real estate sectors.

L-3 Aviation Products (L-3 AP) is a provider of commercial and military avionics, including configurable voice and data recorders, collision avoidance systems, navigation products, display systems, and processors.

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