L-3 launches Lynx line of ADS-B products, submits for TSO, reveals NextGen order

Feb. 12, 2015
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., 12 Feb. 2015. L-3 Aviation Products (L-3 AP) has launched its Lynx MultiLink Surveillance System (MSS) line of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) products.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., 12 Feb. 2015.L-3 Aviation Products (L-3 AP) has launched its Lynx MultiLink Surveillance System (MSS) line of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) products.

The Lynx family comprises four models, including an ADS-B In/Out model with a Wi-Fi display option for Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs), as well as models for the display of ADS-B information on dedicated cockpit multifunction displays (MFDs). All Lynx models provide ADS-B Out compliance to FAA 14 CFR 91.227.

The NextGen GA Fund has secured an order for 10,000 L-3 Lynx NGT-1000s as part of its “Jumpstart GA 2020” program intended to accelerate the general aviation community’s adoption of rule-compliant ADS-B Out avionics. Orders can be placed by FAA-authorized repair stations through either L-3 Aviation Products or directly to the GA Fund.

L-3 also has submitted its Lynx NGT-9000, one of several models in the new product line, for Technical Standard Order (TSO) authorization.

“In addition to getting ahead of ADS-B compliance, the unique benefits of a single-box solution, straightforward installation and the reasonable cost of the NGT-9000 make it an ideal product. The Lynx NGT-9000 is unlike anything in the marketplace and delivers a unique set of features for General Aviation pilots,” says Larry Riddle, L-3 Aviation Products’ vice president of marketing and sales for business, regional, and general aviation. Advance market interest has been very strong and the company has already received early orders for the product, according to Riddle.

The Lynx NGT-9000, boasting an intuitive touchscreen display that is a form-factor replacement for existing transponders, is the most logical choice for pilots looking to take full advantage of the ADS-B NextGen flight environment, says a company spokesperson. The unit also supports 1090ES (Mode S Extended Squitter) ADS-B Out, as well as 1090 MHz and 978 MHz (UAT) ADS-B In. This provides ADS-B traffic (ADS-B, ADS-R and TIS-B), as well as FIS-B input.

Internal active traffic and/or ADS-B antenna diversity are available options. Both panel-mount (NGT-9000) and remote-mount (NGT-9000R) versions are also available. A Wi-Fi interface module provides connectivity to Apple iPad and Google Android devices, with applications such as WingX Pro and SkyRadar (other apps pending). All Lynx MSS models incorporate an embedded position source (WAAS GPS) requiring no external GPS connections.

A free app is available that simulates the Lynx touchscreen on iPad and Android tablets. “The Lynx app lets pilots interact with the system as if they are flying with the real product, providing a realistic simulation of its rich features and intuitive operation,” Riddle says. “The Lynx system provides a tremendous amount of information for a fraction of the cost when compared to other systems and older technologies.”

More information about the Lynx MSS family of ADS-B products and links to the Apple and Android apps are available online at L-3Lynx.com. The site also includes an interactive demo for those accessing it via a PC.

L-3 Aviation Products (L-3 AP) is a provider of commercial and military avionics, including configurable voice and data recorders, collision avoidance systems, navigation products, display systems, and processors. L-3 AP also offers aftermarket services, including MRO and integrated performance-based logistics for military and commercial systems.

Headquartered in New York City, L-3 employs approximately 45,000 people worldwide and is a prime contractor in aerospace systems and national security solutions. L-3 is also a provider of a broad range of communication and electronic systems and products used on military and commercial platforms. The company reported 2014 sales of $12.1 billion.

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